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These teachers have developed the skills to help you move with greater fluidity, grace, and strength. They incorporate undulation into their respective movement forms and can offer undulation workshops tailored to specific needs, such as Low Back & Hip, Neck & Shoulders, Scoliosis, and Better Posture workshops.
Merry Nell Colborn Thousand Oaks, CA  Web Page
Merry Nell incorporates undulation movement into her structural integration sessions with clients and teaches undulation workshops to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Contact her if you'd like her to present a workshop or for a private session.
Bonnie Dike  Issaquah, WA  Email  Web Site
Bonnie includes undulation in her yoga classes at Village Green Yoga in Issaquah and shares the principles of subtle movement and breath with her private yoga clients. She offers workshops in Fluidity and Subtle Movement. She uses undulation in her own life as a way of staying vibrant and flexible in order to continue to enjoy playing the cello in classical and jazz ensembles, hiking with her large family, ballroom dancing with her husband, and belly dancing with the Village Gypsies.
Kirstin Fossum Kent, WA Web Page
The use of undulations to create space in a body through conscious movement is one of the best ways to effect change in my clients, both during sessions and as post-session self-care. I have several clients who have found undulations to be an excellent way through discomfort; it has changed their lives for the better!
Kristy Guadalupe Newcastle, WA  Web Page
Kristy uses the tools she learned from the undulation workshop as necessary in her private Pilates instruction and class instruction in order to slow down her clients and have them become more aware of their movement.
Carli Herrs Kent, WA  Web Page
Carli weaves undulations into her work with both Pilates and Structural Integration, using it to help clients enhance and refine spinal articulation and other movements.
Denise Lockett Maple Valley, WA  Email
Denise incorporates undulation into her therapeutic yoga classes and private sessions.
Len Palombi Chicago, IL  Web Site
Len incorporates undulation movement in his Pilates Restorative Mat Classes and Pilates private sessions at Village Pilates Studio in Forest Park Il. Len is a PMA Certified Pilates instructor and Polestar Pilates Practitioner. At age 67, Len practices undulation himself to reduce stiffness and stay flexible.
Kristen O’Connor Renton, WA  Web Site
Kristen enjoys the direct sensory experience of undulation. She uses it to assist clients in discovering the poetry of their bodies playfully incorporating visualizations and mindfulness meditations into her sessions. She uses the undulation technique to enhance her teaching and the healing practices of yoga and Pilates.
Starr Sanborn Mercer Island, WA  Email
Starr teaches undulation in her gentle and therapeutic yoga classes, and uses many of the techniques in individual sessions to help students manage chronic pain. She also teaches undulation workshops in the Seattle area.