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This page is a gateway to hundreds of resources that will inform and educate you on many topics: aging gracefully, natural pain relief, healing from injuries (even decades-old injuries), taking control of your health, getting on track with your wellness goals, improving the condition of your spine and joints, and more.

Online Courses

Webinar: Youthful Spine, Youthful Body – The Role of Fluidity in Healthy Aging.  Fluidity is the key to feeling more limber and energetic, like when you were a child. This course teaches the five steps needed to recapture the vitality of youthful movement, and is applicable for anyone regardless of fitness and experience level.

Working with the Soft Tissues - Understanding and Healing Injuries. Injuries heal in a natural four-step process. When the process is interrupted, it can lead to chronic pain. Learn how to facilitate healing for injuries old and new in this two-hour class.

These two-hour courses can be taken at your convenience and replayed as often as you like. At Yoga for the Back: Spine Anatomy for Lifelong Back Health Learn how to take care of your spine, improve range of motion, and reduce your risk of injury. Although designed for people who practice or teach yoga, it is useful for anyone who wants to know more about the central axis of the body.

Therapeutic Fitness Challenge

Some of my clients like the idea of a Boot Camp or the type strenuous exercise on The Biggest Loser, but most would get injured from such activity. I designed this free program with 20 days of therapeutic exercises to reinvigorate your exercise routine and help you start to get in shape—or recover from an injury—with modifications to suit your situation.  Each day has several assignments that take from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. One of the most important parts of meeting your wellness goals (or aging without becoming decrepit) is to make it a priority, every day. None of the assignments is onerous and some even seem too easy to make a difference, but the combination will surprise you. This link takes you to Day 1 of the challenge. Use the menu on the right side of the page to get the assignments for following days.

YouTube Channel

A collection of undulation videos as well as some of the structural integration movement lessons, such as sitting and standing alignment, are included on my YouTube channel.

Articles and Books

Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications edited by David Lesondak and Angeli Maun Akey

Fascia and the Circulatory System by Anita Boser and Kirstin Schumaker

Undulation: Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young by Anita Boser

Let Your Fascia Flow!
Strengthen Your Spine
Get Back in Balance with Hellerwork

Massage Today Sources of Neck Pain February 2010, Volume 10, Issue 2

Massage Yourself With Therapeutic Exercise November, 2008, Vol. 08, Issue 11

100 Excellent Health Blogs to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life (We are #94 In the Looking and Feeling Young Category)

Slides from 2018 Symposium: Movement Science in Structural Integration

Helping Our Clients Gain More Fluid Movement, 2017 Issue

A Structural Integrator’s Reflections on the 2015 Fascia Research Congress, 2016 Issue

Integrating Fluid Movement into a Structural Integration Session, 2012 Issue

Helping Clients Understand Their Fascia, co-written with David Lesondak, 2009 issue

Yoga, Vertebral Fractures, and Osteoporosis: Research and Recommendations, Co-written with Eva Norlyk Smith, PhD, published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy 2013 No. 23 (1). 

Fascinating Fascia

You CAN Exercise Away Back Aches and Pains

Massage & Bodywork Magazine 

Undulation: A Technique to Address Back Pain March/April 2008

Fluid Movement Facilitates the Chiropractic Adjustment, co-written with Kimberly Kohr, DCJune 16, 2009, Volume 27, Number 13

6 Types of Muscle Tightness

Easy Exercise for Arthritis

Flexibility The New Way to Stretch

5 Exercises to Ease the Aches of Travel

Yoga-and-Undulation by Anita Boser

Graceful Aging Blog written for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Other Health Information

Health Assessment offers a free overall health assessment and individual calculators such as Body Fat and Daily Energy Expenditures in addition to well written articles and newsletters.
Medical Conditions
Need to research a medical condition or want the latest information on physical activity?  The Centers for Disease Control website offers a wealth of information on all health topics, not just the latest flu strain.
Posture isn’t about placing your body in the proper position.  It’s about responding to your environment in a way that best supports your structure. Learn more about the new rules of posture
Help for Repetitive Strain Injuries
Most jobs involve some type of repetitive motion, so repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tendonitis and deQuervains are on the rise.  This site details the symptoms for 9 repetitive strain injuries, gives many helpful hints and sells customized self-care guides.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction brings together mindfulness meditation and yoga. Although MBSR is a training with potential benefits for all types of participants, historically, students have suffered from a wide range of chronic disorders and diseases. Learn more about it
Walking and jogging keep your cardiovascular system healthy at a low cost, if you go about it properly.  Whether you’re planning for a one mile jog/walk or training for a marathon, this site offers information on everything from pacing to stretching to eating.  
Body Wisdom for Life
A blog I like that explores the mind-body connection.

Study Guide to Body Systems
A website for anyone who is interested in learning physiology - includes information for adults and kids.


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